Large Car Bottom Furnace Chamber Delivered to Solar Manufacturing

Solar Manufacturing was delivered a large vacuum chamber on Friday, August 10, 2007 for an Ion Nitriding System as part of a contract awarded by Advanced Heat Treat Corp. of Waterloo, IA.  Solar Manufacturing designed the car bottom chamber as part of a 20 foot long vacuum nitriding system and will also manufacture an all-metal shielded hot zone, the resistance heating power supply and a gas quench system.

Advanced Heat Treat Corp.’s engineering staff will provide the pulse power supply, process gas controls as well as the total integrated control package.  The total cost for the project exceeds US $1.5 million.

The double-door furnace will have a 50,000 pound capacity and will include a powered load transfer car with wireless controls. The useable work zone will be 110″ wide x 32″ high x 240″ long.  The gas cooling system will be designed to improve production time.

Delivery is expected in early September for installation in AHT’s new Cullman, Alabama facility.  The system will be used to process large dies for the automotive industry.  Advanced Heat Treat Corp. is the world’s largest ion nitrider and currently has 36 systems in operation.

Solar Manufacturing manufactures vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces and offers replacement hot zones for various vacuum furnace brands. To learn more about their diverse product line, contact Peter Reh, Vice President of Sales, Rick Jones, International Sales Manager or Dennis Hiddemen, Aftermarket Sales Manager at 267-384-5040 or ,, or