Solar Manufacturing Builds Vacuum Furnace For Major Ring Manufacturer

Solar Manufacturing, Inc. is pleased to announce that it delivered a Model HFL-3836-6IQ horizontal, front loading type vacuum heat treating furnace to a major USA ring manufacturer. This furnace will be used for the processing of all types of rings, springs, and clamping assemblies.

The furnace will have a work zone that measures 24” (610 mm) wide x 24” (610 mm) high x 36” (914 mm) deep with a hearth designed to accommodate up to a 1000 pound workload. The entire hot zone utilizes a 1” thick graphite board with a graphite foil hot face backed by two (2) layers of one half inch (1/2”) graphite felt blanket insulation all supported in a heavy-duty stainless steel structure. The heating elements will be a thin, durable, curved graphite design allowing for a maximum operating temperature of 2500oF. A 16” diffusion pump, backed by appropriate roughing /booster pumps, is included to allow for operation in the 10-5 Torr range.

Since the end-user has certain materials requiring rapid quenching, a large 200 HP internal high velocity cooling system has been included for quenching at varying pressures up to 6 Bar (75 psig). This system will allow the operator to select any specific cooling rate to meet the type of material and load size being processed.