Solar Manufacturing Delivers

A major jet engine sealing systems manufacturer in New England has purchased a new vacuum furnace from Solar Manufacturing.

The furnace features a high efficiency, graphite insulated hot zone consisting of four layers of ½” thick graphite felt with a hot face of FlexShield.  Operating temperatures will be at a maximum of 2500ºF, with the work zone measuring 36” wide x 36” high x 48” deep and a load capacity of 3500 pounds.  Thin-profile, curved graphite heating elements will heat work loads rapidly, meeting AMS 2750D specifications, while improved, tapered graphite gas nozzles will direct quench gas onto the work load for optimum gas cooling.  The vacuum pumping system includes a diffusion pump for high vacuum applications to 10-6 Torr.

Included is the SolarVac 3000, a state-of-the-art, interactive control system which enables the furnace operator to monitor, control, and graphically view information for total furnace control.  A newly designed, external gas quench system will consist of a 50 HP motor, and a Robinson radial fan wheel and diffuser.

Shipment is anticipated for a June 2007 delivery.

Solar Manufacturing manufactures vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces and offers replacement hot zones for various vacuum furnace brands. To learn more about their diverse product line, contact Peter Reh, Vice President of Sales, Rick Jones, International Sales Manager or Dennis Hiddemen, Aftermarket Sales Manager at 267-384-5040 or ,, or