Solar Manufacturing Improves Hot Zone Efficiency by 35%

Solar Manufacturing of Telford, PA installed and tested a new energy efficient, insulated hot zone in a vacuum furnace resulting in a 35% improvement in thermal efficiency. The watt density measurement of the new hot zone was reduced to 6.70 WPSI from 10.19 WPSI. An annual energy savings calculated at approximately $29,000 based on local electrical rates is anticipated. With a hot zone life expectancy of five years (running 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk) the total payback will be less than two (2) years. The new hot zone was manufactured for a vacuum furnace in operation at Solar Atmospheres, Inc. Souderton, PA plant.

The new hot zone utilizes a 1? thick graphite board with 0.030? thick bonded foil hot face and is backed by three (3) layers of ½? thick graphite felt insulation. The furnace’s work zone measures 36? X 36? X 48? deep and has a load capacity of 3500 pounds. The original hot zone was constructed of a 1? thick compressed graphite foil board backed by two (2) layers of ½? thick carbon felt insulation.

Solar Manufacturing provides energy saving solutions for vacuum furnaces. With a combined total of over sixty (60) years of hot zone design experience and over ninety (90) years of vacuum furnace experience, Solar Manufacturing provides high and super high efficiency hot zones utilizing today’s most advanced insulating materials and user friendly designs. Solar Manufacturing also provides energy saving systems such as the FCS-2000 power factor correction power supplies, ConserVac vacuum pumping energy saving system and Element Guard? element protection system.