Vacuum Furnace Hot Zones

Vacuum Furnace Hot Zones

High efficiency, economical and durable

Solar Manufacturing designs and manufactures new and replacement vacuum heat treating furnace hot zones with a focus on energy efficiency and durability. As a team of specialists with many collective years of experience in vacuum furnace and hot zone design, we are committed to our objectives of providing vacuum furnaces with the lowest cost of ownership achieved through state-of-the-art materials, high performance operation and robust design.

Solar Manufacturing also offers replacement hot zones for a variety of OEM furnaces.


Features and Benefits

Hot zones are available in either graphite or metallic construction.

All-Metal Hot Zone

Graphite Hot Zone Features:

  • All Metal Hot ZoneEntire hot zone supporting ring consists of 0.105 thick 304 stainless steel
  • Insulation consists of multiple layers of high purity graphite felt
  • Internally tapered graphite gas nozzles are specifically directed at the workload to provide improved cooling rates, which are mounted to the support ring using either graphite or stainless steel supports.
  • Heavy duty, segmented graphite heating elements. Each element is measured and matched for resistance which allows for a very uniform radiant heat up. Segmented element design for ease of replacement and long life
  • Threaded or twist-in element supports make for elements that are sturdy, durable and easily maintained
  • Operating temperatures up to 3000°F (1649°C) available
  • Temperature uniformity of ± 10°F
  • Heavy duty hearth of machined graphite support pins and rails
  • Optional TZM molybdenum hearth available for strength at high temperatures
  • Multiple zones of trim controls


All-Metal Shielded Hot Zone Features:

  • Operating temperatures up to 3000°F (1649°C) available
  • Temperature uniformity of ±10°F
  • Shield combinations* of all-molybdenum or a combination of molybdenum and stainless steel sheet metal
  • Hot Face of ML Lanthanated Molybdenum increases hot zone life expectancy
  • Heating Elements of ML Lanthanated Molybdenum continuous bands, supported with a Solar proprietary design to reduce metallization of ceramic insulators
  • Hearth of TZM Molybdenum for strength at high temperatures

*Other shielding materials are available depending on the application and temperature requirements



Unique Hot Zone Features

Key to our furnaces is the critical hot zone design and the various materials selected to accomplish the specs you need. Our prime objectives are to provide our customers with a hot zone that fully meets all furnace specifications, is highly energy efficient with low watt density factors and yet will provide extended life. Solar Manufacturing hot zones operating under these difficult conditions have performed well for many years and beyond before requiring replacement or major repair.

Solar also relies heavily on the expertise of our affiliate, Solar Atmospheres, a commercial heat treater with five locations operating over 70 vacuum furnaces, to provide feedback on the design and manufacture of our products. This allows us to refine and test new ideas regularly.

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