Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces, Hot Zones & Spare Parts

Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces

Solar Manufacturing knows vacuum heat treating inside out. Our founder, engineers and metallurgists bring decades of processing expertise to the design side of the business and our knowledgeable technicians provide world-class manufacturing. This experience is one reason why Solar Manufacturing’s vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces are the most cost effective, energy efficient, technically advanced and highest performing furnaces on the market.

Solar Manufacturing vacuum heat treating furnaces are used to heat-treat micro-surgical instruments, aircraft/aerospace components, and an assortment of products in between. Popular models range from laboratory systems to large car-bottom vacuum furnaces with load capacities of 50 tons. At our customers’ requests, we’ll customize anything we build. Whether you need a furnace for heat treating, brazing, stress relieving, normalizing, annealing, tempering or sintering, Solar delivers a solution that shines.

To keep the fire of innovation burning hot, Solar Atmospheres monitors the operation of over 60 different vacuum furnaces that run 24/7, year round. Ideas for improving performance and durability become reality at the Solar Technology Center. From here emerge innovations in graphite insulation, curved graphite heating elements, tapered gas nozzles, high velocity gas quench systems, and energy management.

Precise temperature controls are the key to meeting demanding part specifications and achieving the cleanest, brightest finish with the highest efficiency. The SolarVac® interactive control systems replace the conventional hard-wired panel with a programmable logic controller and a graphic user interface that enables the operator to monitor process status at a glance.

Quality, speed and economy are not usually related, but Solar Manufacturing’s new high efficiency hot zone design uses up to 46% less electric power than competitive designs, with improved vacuum performance. In fact, Solar Manufacturing’s furnaces are the industry’s most energy efficient, requiring the lowest maintenance, while time tested and proven durable.

To ensure your goal of continued success, count on Solar Manufacturing for rapid tech support. And as technology advances, so will your furnace system, through aftermarket enhancements to your hot zone.