Leading Vacuum Furnace Manufacturer Publishes Helpful Booklets

Solar Manufacturing, makers of leading-technology vacuum heat treat furnaces, recently released on their website and in printed format two helpful booklets for companies operating vacuum furnaces. The two booklets are the latest in a series of practical helps intended for the benefit of all vacuum furnace users.


The two booklets are:

Important Considerations When Purchasing a Vacuum Furnace” which shares practical insights from eleven (11) important areas critical to the wise purchase of a vacuum furnace. These eleven (11) areas include hot zone work area, load capacity, and insulating materials; temperature range; vacuum level and system components; furnace chamber design; gas cooling system, electrical power supply and controls; and several other critical areas.


Important Considerations in Selecting a Vacuum Furnace Water Cooling System” delves deeper into water cooling systems. This helpful booklet covers the components on a vacuum furnace that may need to be water cooled, the different type of water cooling systems available on the market and the advantages and disadvantages of each, pretreatments that are necessary or advisable with each type of cooling system, and shares a real-life example of water cooling systems.


These two booklets can be downloaded at www.solarmfg.com/technical-articles, or by sending an email to info@solarmfg.com. You can also call 267.384.5040 and request a copy.


In addition to these two booklets, Solar Manufacturing also offers five

other booklets:

“Understanding Power Losses in Vacuum Furnaces”

“Understanding PID Temperature Control as Applied to Vacuum Furnace Performance”

“Operating a Vacuum Furnace Under Humid Conditions”

“Temperature Uniformity Surveying for Vacuum Furnaces”

“Critical Melting Points for Metals and Alloys”


Other technical articles, in addition to these booklets, can be found at the website address above (www.solarmfg.com/technical-articles).


Solar Manufacturing also produces and sponsors a bi-monthly audio podcast that is available at www.solarmfg.com/multimedia/podcasts. The podcasts are available free of charge.  If you would like to be alerted when the next podcast is posted, please email your request to info@solarmfg.com.


Solar Manufacturing releases two new helpful informational booklets.