New Technical Booklet on Optimizing Procedures for Temperature Uniformity Testing of Vacuum Furnaces

Solar Atmospheres and Solar Manufacturing have co-operated to produce a new booklet that outlines a recommended procedure for Temperature Uniformity Surveying (TUS) for Vacuum Furnaces. This is the second in a series of Vacuum Furnace Reference Publications that the Solar Group of Companies is producing to provide guidance and assistance to all furnace users.

This guide provides a proven solution for companies that have had difficulties meeting the requirements of AMS 2750D on their furnaces and wish to reducing the number of failed tests due to surveying errors. Readers will learn the recommended methods for a TUS of a vacuum furnace to fully satisfy the requirements of the SAE Standard. Several critical factors for TUS are covered including: thermocouple support structure, pre-survey furnace preparation, furnace class, furnace working zone, thermocouple preparation and standard testing temperatures.

Download TUS booklet