Patent-Pending Furnace Ordered

John Reger, President of Winston Heat Treating, announces the placement of an order for an advanced design Vacuum Purge / Recirculation Gas Nitriding Furnace to Solar Manufacturing Inc, Souderton, PA.  The new furnace also will incorporate the latest innovations in automated nitriding atmosphere controls supplied by Super Systems Inc, Cincinnati, Ohio.

William R. Jones, CEO of Solar notes, “this horizontal loading, cold wall, furnace is unique with a hot zone 36” W x 30” H x 48” deep and a weight capacity to 2500 lbs, vacuum pump down to 0.1 Torr in 30 minutes, heat to 950°F in 60 minutes, nitride, and cool to 200°F in 60 minutes, yielding a rapid turn around time not typical of classic nitriding furnaces.  The new furnace design is patent pending”.

Steve Thompson, President of SSI notes, “the Solar furnace will use all SSI controls including the complete furnace control panel and gas flow panel for both temperature ramp / soak and nitriding potential.  The entire furnace cycle will be fully automatic from load to unload  utilizing automated PID recipe control, PLC logic control, gas blending and PC supervision”.

Most important John Reger notes, “the new furnace promises not only to have faster production for heavier work loads but also improved quality yielding nitriding results equal to ion with white layer reduced to nil or none”.