Solar Atmospheres Obtains License Agreement For Thermally Efficient Hot Zone Design

Solar Atmospheres of Souderton, PA has negotiated and obtained an exclusive license agreement, covering the vacuum furnace industry, from Global Solar Energy of Tucson, AZ for US Patent Number 7,760,992.  This license covers the use of various combinations of multiple layers of graphite foil interspersed with graphite felt layers to provide a greatly improved insulating and highly energy efficient hot zone design.

According to William R. Jones, CEO of Solar Atmospheres Inc., group of companies, “These design improvements have been under study for more than a year through our R&D and engineering departments. This has resulted in a new Solar Manufacturing GraFFiteTM design, which in combination with other hot zone modifications, has demonstrated that users can expect reduction of energy losses by over 50%.”

Solar Manufacturing, a Solar Atmospheres company that manufacturers vacuum furnaces,  will display the new GraFFiteTM design by bringing a complete mid-size, production model hot zone (36”W x 30”H x 48”L) to the up-coming Furnaces North America Conference and Exhibition in Nashville, TN, October 2nd and 3rd.