Solar Sells Horizontal Furnace to O.C. Tanner

The world’s largest provider of employee recognition solutions has purchased a new Solar Manufacturing Model HFL-2224-2EQ furnace. O.C. Tanner Co. of Salt Lake City, Utah, plans to add the new furnace to their operation to heat treat tool steel dies.

This furnace features a high efficiency, graphite insulated hot zone consisting of four layers of ½” thick WDF grade graphite felt with a hot face of FlexShield. Operating temperatures will be at a maximum of 2500ºF, with the work zone measuring 18” wide x 12” high x 24” deep and a load capacity of 500 pounds. Thin, profile-curved graphite heating elements will heat work loads rapidly and uniformly, while the improved, tapered graphite gas nozzles will focus quench gas directly on the work load for optimum cooling (patent pending).

The newly designed 2-bar external gas quench system will consist of a 50 HP motor rated at 5000 RPM and a Robinson radial fan wheel and diffuser. A variable speed drive will provide rapid gas quench through tapered graphite gas nozzles.

Also featured on the furnace is the SolarVac 3000, a new, advanced control system developed by Solar Manufacturing. The SolarVac 3000 consists of an interactive, Allen-Bradley PanelView operator interface utilizing a 15” color touch screen combined with an Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller.

Solar Manufacturing designs and manufactures vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces. To learn more about their diverse product line, contact Peter Reh, Vice President of Sales, at 267-384-5040 or More information can also be found on