Two Super High Efficiency Hot Zones Sold

Solar Manufacturing of Telford, PA has received new orders for two (2) super high efficiency hot zones from Solar Atmospheres Inc. of Souderton, PA. The hot zones will be constructed with high purity, low shrinkage graphite felt insulation and a Flex Shield hot face.

In a continuing effort to maximize hot zone efficiency and reduce energy costs, Solar Atmospheres has ordered the hot zones for their two largest vacuum furnaces in their Souderton facility. One furnace has a work zone size of 54? X 54? X 120? deep and the other 54? X 54? X 144? deep. Each were originally constructed with four (4) layers of ½? carbon felt and a 0.045? thick graphite foil hot face. The new super high efficient hot zones are expected to further reduce the watts per square inch of power required as well as provide extended hot zone life.

The new hot zones will utilize five (5) layers of WDF grade ½? thick graphite felt insulation and 0.047? thick Flex Shield. WDF grade graphite felt does not shrink therefore it maintains its high thermal value throughout its useful life. In addition, it does not absorb water at 90% relative humidity therefore providing the best vacuum pump down speeds obtainable with an insulated hot zone. Flex Shield is a durable, flexible, carbon fiber-reinforced graphite material that provides the reflectivity of graphite foil and the durability of CFC material. The use of Flex Shield allows for replacement of a graphite board hot face with more thermally efficient graphite felt.