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Solar Manufacturing Product Brochure

When you need a vacuum furnace capable of reliable performance and matched to your process applications, invest in a Solar Manufacturing furnace.

This brochure provides you a handy reference chart to determine the furnace to match your needs.

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Basic Vacuum PracticeBasic Vacuum Practice

Basic vacuum practices, a primer and basic introduction for vacuum technicians


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Understanding EmissivityUnderstanding Emissivity and the Use of Thermocouple Test Blocks in a Vacuum Furnace

This paper highlights a recent process development test relating to carburizing illustrating the need to better understand the effect of surface emissivity and the proper use of dummy thermocouple test blocks.

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Reduce Energy Requirements for Vacuum FurnaceHow to Reduce Energy Requirements for Efficient Vacuum Furnace Operation

Author: Réal Fradette, Senior Technical Consultant, Solar Manufacturing

Originally Published: June 2012

Of the many papers written on methods of reducing vacuum-furnace operating energy requirements, most tend to highlight one specific furnace area.  This article outlines various methods of reducing energy requirements of several furnace functions. The following will be discussed:

  • Controlling and minimizing hot zone energy losses
  • Variable frequency drives on vacuum pumps and gas cooling motors
  • Minimizing diffusion pump energy consumption
  • VFDs and temperature controlling logic on cooling water system
  • Conclusions

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Carbon Composite Materials

Technical Considerations for the Use of Carbon/Carbon Composite Materials for Fixtures and Grids

Advanced material solutions for fixtures, grids, and internal furnace components are available today. Check out the article to find out more.

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Hygrometer PaperMoisture Measurement in Thermal Processes Using Electrolytic Hygrometers

Moisture analysis at different phases of the heat treat process is crucial as even trace amounts of oxygen and water vapor can lead to oxidation of the materials being processed.  This paper explores why moisture reduction is critical and how to properly calibrate and operate an electrolytic hygrometer to monitor moisture in vacuum heat treating.

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Maximizing Vacuum Furnace Gas Quenching PerformanceMaximizing Vacuum Furnace Gas Quenching  Performance

Learn about a new design that permit a larger span of quenching pressures to take advantage of  motor horsepower ratings.


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